Uphold, SoFi join Hawaii cryptocurrency pilot

The number of cryptocurrency companies allowed to operate in Hawaii grew to 15 today, with the admission of four new U.S.-based digital currency companies to the state’s pilot program.

Hawaii dubbed ‘Cryptocurrency Hotspot Of 2021’

To date, around 2,300 US businesses accept Bitcoin, although its use is more prolific in some states than others.


‘Conversations worth having’

the DFI partnered with the Hawaii Technology Development Corp. to create a “regulatory sandbox,” which today allows nearly a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges to operate in Hawaii as a pilot.


VIDEO: Crypto for Nonprofits

Alex Wilson on why non-profits should be thinking about virtual currencies as part of their fundraising strategy.


Crypto for Non-Profits

The Giving Block is a fundraising platform for cryptocurrency.


‘An innovative way to think about money’

Iris Ikeda, commissioner of the state Division of Financial Instruments (DFI), answers questions from KHON2 News in the wake of a sudden drop in the value of Bitcoin.


‘A very big dip’

A quick midday check in with Casey Lund and the “This Is Now” team at Hawaii News Now following a substantial drop in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


‘I see my role as an innovator’

How Hawaii came to be known as unfriendly to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and how the DFI is trying to chart a new path.